Steady Hands – Magazines

This was a fun mix! I loved the blend of Irish folk with Rock elements. The drums were really rocking, so I did some moderate parallel compression on the snare and kick. I also used the new Little Plate reverb from Soundtoys. This does a great job of giving the snare space and body.

The acoustic guitar and piano were two other instruments I really wanted to make pop through the mix because they added a certain musical depth to the song over the brute force of the electric guitars and drums. I used the ELI Arousor to perform some gentle compression on these instruments. I think the piano in particular really pops through a great times in the mix.

Lastly, I created a parallel mix bus chain without drums that had heavy compression applied. This is similar to Andrew Scheps’ rear bus technique and allows the quiter elements of the mix to be brought forward without the transients of the drums hitting the compressor.

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